Queijadas de Sintra

Queijadas de Sintra

“The origin of the queijadas of Sintra is dated since medieval times. This pastry has been made since the century XIII.

It is from the 18th century that the first references to names of manufacturers, that would later become registered brands, began to appear.

The industry of Queijadas from Sintra was born, flourished and matured in this context of tourism emergency and under the aegis of Romanticism.

Queijadas are small pastry cakes prepared with fresh cow cheese, eggs, sugar, flour and flavored with cinnamon.


Any trip to Sintra included eating a queijada, or bringing back a package as a souvenir.

It is known that the foreign writers William Bekford and Lord Byron appreciated the Sapa’s queijadas.

“When we eat queijadas from Sintra, whether in Sintra or elsewhere, we incorporate this broader representation, which includes not only the village and the surrounding region, but also the street vending and the contexts in which it takes place.”

In Queijadas de Sintra, História de um doce regional (Raquel Moreira)